Techno Hippie (37inarow) wrote,
Techno Hippie

I am entirely too susceptible to Reality Show addictions


Yes, sad but true. I'm pretty much in love with most every contestant remaining on "So You Think You Can Dance", so watching it is like this masochistic experience since it breaks my heart a little to see any one of them eliminated.

Lookit, here's an awesome contemporary dance from Travis and Heidi....

These "paste into your blog" things NEVER work for me. And I have already been nudged about it! Therefore it has been BAHLEETED!

Um yeah. Here is a normal link, heh.

This kid Ivan reminds me soooo much of my friend Jason, who grew up next door to me... And he is a naturally talented dancer, too! Even my mother sees it... It's really quite eerie!

And then there's THIS dance which is just like... OMG AWESOMESAUCE. O.O Zombies dancing to psychotic techno... does it get better, really? No it does not. I've only re-watched it like a million zillion times.

Yah... ok that's all. :)
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