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A Relationship Exercise

Okay, this is something that was suggested to me awhile ago but I only got around to doing it last week. I thought I'd stick it here so you love-lorn folks can cash in on the wisdom, or maybe possible hotties who fit the bill might see it and comment like "Hey - check it out, baby! I'm the ONE!"

Yeah, right.

Anyway, without further ado... the task was to pick out ten things I need in a relationship and ten things I want, just to sort my head out and avoid incompatibility pitfalls while subjecting myself to the terrors of dating. Here goes...

(No, really. Gimme.)
1. Someone who loves me. Duh.
2. One who occasionally shows it... sometimes romantically, creatively, spontaneously... but not so frequently as to scare or smother me.
3. A broad- and open-minded thinker who stimulates me intellectually.
4. Someone capable of getting along with my parents. They're really nice folks. At least be able to smile and seem attentive and appreciative around them.
5. A person who is usually capable of dealing with their doubts and moods without draining those around them. Gloom-cookies and emotional vampires need not apply.
6. They can be of any religion, so long as they respect my agnostic musings and don't believe they need to save me from damnation.
7. A partner whose love is steadfast and faithful, the comfort I come home to after a hard day at work.
8. Someone I can respect. The wishy-washy, the illiterate, the actively drug-addicted, Republicans, and fans of WWE need not apply.
9. Someone who strives to be responsible and does not shy from hard work.
10. A person who definitely wants to have kids.

(But don't necessarily expect to find.)
1. Someone who is dazzlingly romantic. Flowers, mini weekend getaways, the whole nine-yards.
2. ...Without it being a scary possessive thing.
3. Someone whose poems, love-letters, emails, and instant messages are crafted with resplendent word choice and impeccable punctuation (because in an age of "u r so kewl", proper English really fucking turns me on).
4. Someone who makes me laugh, but also knows when to be serious.
5. The type who cares about the world beyond the tiny boundaries of our immediate lives.
6. Someone who can truly be a fifty-fifty partner, one who helps enough to make both of our lives easier and not just their own.
7. A gentleman or gentlewoman... who lets me be one in return. It's all about attentiveness, courtesy, manners.
8. Someone who makes me think and question and dream and believe in things more than I do on my own.
9. A person who is comfortable being a homebody with me sometimes, but is also adventurous and up to trying new things.
10. Someone who will do the bills FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES! YES! AHAHAHA!
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