Techno Hippie (37inarow) wrote,
Techno Hippie

When all my dreams come true

...This is where my friends and I will all live.

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That's a fucking nice house. Can I live in the attic?
We could run cable, get it all networkized, drag in a T1 and m'be a server in the basement to host stuff for our UberCool friends.

And a great big TV to watch anime on. M'be a little media box, for the bittorrent downloads, so we don't have to burn things to DVD all the time.

A web cam from that top room, just so people can see how cool the view is.

No, I'm not a geek. At all. :P
Isn't a captive princess supposed to live in that top room?
I suppose she could move the web cam around to entertain herself..
Come to think of it, a Princess Cam would be pretty cool.
How big do the puppy-eyes have to be to get in on this deal, anyhow?

I'll...uh, do dishes! Or laundry! Or live in the dumbwaiter, anything! *grin*
Canadians, Zealanders, I'm not picky. Everybody come live in this house with me!

Did everyone note the fireplace in the master bathroom?

The sprawling front porch?

The round tower bedroom?

Want! Ahh!

~ Whitney
I love that house.
That is a sweet house! If I had tons of money I would buy it and deck it all out and move all my friends in with me there too.
Man, I could live on the porch of that house and it'd be a dream come true.
Yay. Thus far we have Technicolorrat in the attic, Neobitch in the dumbwaiter, Amy + Derek in the round room, Infocalypse and Squeegee in misc bedrooms, me + hottie future true luv in master, and Beth on the porch!

The plan is a go, everyone start pinching your pennies!

~ Whitney
Very nice house! /me loves big old Victorians