Techno Hippie (37inarow) wrote,
Techno Hippie

I'm alive!

Uh, wow. I can't believe I haven't written since May! o.O

So... hi, everybody! I'm alive!

Guess updates are in order. But really not a lot has happened or changed. I am still seeing Summer. She's great, and we've been talking lately about me moving in with her once my lease is up. Tomorrow we're going paintballing with some co-workers of mine. :D

Um, the dog is well. The job sucks. They promoted my awesome boss and replaced him with the assistant supervisor, who nitpicks and only thinks about our stats and wants me fired. Not so fun. I'm thinking about a career change... but then, it's stable and the pay and benefits are awesome. And it's an ugly market out there right now. So... ugh. We'll see.

I'm going to blame my lack of LJing (as well as my lack of laundry-doing, dish-washing, carpet-sweeping, refrigerator-stocking, etc) on a very serious Lineage 2 addiction. I'm the leader of the Silver Arrow clan, which has become the largest roleplaying clan on the Hindemith server. Check our site out if you are curious!

:+: Here's an example of some Lineage 2 RP! :+:

And here's an awesome screenshot that is my desktop right now. It's clicky so you can see it fullsize if you want. :D

Ok... well that's all I've got for now! I'll try to write more!!

~ Whitney
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