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This has been the most amazing RP I've had in World of Warcraft to date! =)

...Val is in the dog house. After some horrible experience he wasn't ready to share, he tried to be "romantic" with his husband -- while in shadowform! Said husband being a Holy Paladin, this did NOT go over well. Fynch actually bubble-hearthed to get away from him! The two have not spoken in almost a week. Now, Val tries to return home...

Val does arrive when you probably should have dozed off. He knows your habits well after living with you here for so long. But even if you've only dozed off in your chair, this sound would wake you.

Val tries frantically to quiet his murloc, which is not old enough to be terribly bright but still a sentiant creature. Meanwhile, Pookie is going, "MRRRGGGLLLREEEE!! IIIRRRGLLLGGLL!!" His master has dressed for battle but not reached for Pookie's traveling pack, thus alerting him to the fact that his master is going away. Going away - WITHOUT POOKIE!

Val looks at the thing with immediate panic!

Val rushes into the creature's mind, trying to explain why and how sorry he is about that in a way that won't frighten it more, even with tenderness. But the beast senses that Val is afraid and keeps crying.

Fynch would have been asleep normally, yes. But being home alone has made him think of things he'd rather push out of his head for the night. He had been getting ready to come downstairs for a cup of tea but the noise of the murloc brings him stumbling down the stairs only to stop at the bottom and blink sleepily at you.

Fynch says, "Hey, you."

Val straightens, looking terrible and absolutely terrified. He goes straight as a rail with a gasp. You can see that he dressed in a robe you recognized, but the sleeves have been ripped off. His bracers are gone. He's wearing nothing but some shadow gear. He also weilds Anathema, and the only rings he is wearing is his best shadow ring and his wedding band. His robe has been cleaned up as best he could, sewn back together with a spare needle and patched with pieces of the sleeves that were torn away. Val wears boots that... well, are destroyed. They are his best epic shoes, and made of a material that he is not familiar with. Was at a loss to repair them with the tools he had on hand.

The shadow priest continues to stare at you and cannot speak for several moments. How to explain this? He had more ideas about how to fix the boots than what to say to you right now.

Fynch grasps the railing with one hand, rubs the back of his head with the other. He gazes down at you in concern, drinking in the sight of you. "Hey." He says, quieter this time. "S'good to see you." He sounds like he's trying to gentle a stray cat.

Read the rest!
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